Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Bruynzeel Storage of Paintings

The Rijksmuseum is one of the world’s top ten museums. It is perhaps best known for its magnificent collection of Old Masters. Since 1885 the collections have been housed is the impressive building designed by architect Pierre Cuypers in the heart of Amsterdam.

Because of an extensive renovation programme, the collection stored in the museum depot had to be relocated. The Rijksmunt building offered a suitable alternative. The space has been adapted to guarantee safe internal transport and ideal storage and optimum conservation conditions for the collection.

The Solution

For the storage of paintings, Bruynzeel's ArteStore Terra pull-out painting frames are used that move on rails over the floor. The advantage offered by this type of painting storage is that the paintings remain easily accessible, while the available space is used as efficiently as possible. If a certain painting needs to be localised, only the artworks in that particular panel are moved. The lateral motion means that any airflow across the paintings is avoided.

Along the aisles the space was ideal to install ArteStore static painting frames suitable to store art with dimensions incompatible for painting storage in the pull-out painting frames.