Compactus HI-280 Mobile


Compactus HI-280 Mobile

Compactus® HI-280 mobile shelving combines the benefits of heavy duty shelving with a high level of space efficiency. By mounting HI-280 heavy duty shelving on mobile bases the number of aisles needed is reduced to one. Bruynzeel's Compactus® HI-280 mobile shelving is ideal for storage of items with a low running speed.

Adapts to a wide range of loads and sizes

The mobile bases can be fitted with different standard uprights and beams. The system adapts to a wide range of loads and the size of the stored objects.

Effortless movement

The drive systems ensure effortless movement of the mobile system, regardless of the content or the number of racks.


Compactus HI-280 Mobile

Focus on space efficiency

  •  Almost doubles the storage capacity.

Focus on effortless operation

  • With a choice from manual and 3 electric drive options, HI280 Compactus® adapts to your requirements, ensuring effortless operation.

Focus on safety,  security and coservation.

  • Thanks to a number of operating features, you will always feel comfortable and safe when using the HI280 Compactus® heavy duty mobile and you will ensure the best protection of the stored goods in the right conditions.

Focus on flexibility

  • Different standard uprights and beams cater for a wide range of loads.
  • Long objects can be accommodated covering a number of bays.
  • The open frames can also be fitted with extra deep shelves, accommodating double deep storage.
  • Available in open and closed frames.

Focus on quality and sustainability

  • High construction quality.

Focus on design

  • Galvanised.


Compactus HI-280 Mobile

Floor options

Solid rails, manufactured from cold rolled steel can be fixed:

  • In the concrete floor.
  • In a raised floor with aluminium ramp for easy access.
  • In an emission free aluminium floor for best protection of the stored items.


  • Mobile base length: up to 14.4 meter.
  • A row of shelving can be built from 1000 to 3000 mm in height and  300 to 500 mm in depth.

Load capacity

  • For electric drive
Maximum load per mobile base 8 tons 15 tons
Maximum block weight 160 tons 300 tons
  • For manual drive

Maximum block weight that can be moved by rotating the hand wheel:

M1 drive 12.5 tons by 4.7 rotations per meter.
M2 drive 25 tons by 10.2 rotations per meter.
M3 drive 35 tons by 22.3 rotations per meter.